Gojikanme no Sensou 14

Gojikanme no Sensou – Home, Sweet Home 14: Father’s Painting

Translator: jkhihowru
Proofreader: Scoople
Cleaner: dood
Redrawer: narusaiku
Typesetter: dood
Quality Checker: neira_yen

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It’s a very sad thing…to have children fight in a war *sobs*

Q 13

Q 13 – Solaris Destruction Plan (1)

Scanner: Usha
Translator: Unpro
Proofreader: Yukihana
Cleaner: neira_yen
Redrawer: neira_yen, Alenas
Typesetter: Yukihana
Quality Checker: Alenas

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Wheee, the number of spreads is crazy! But they’re so beautiful! Enjoy~~